Vision Benefits

Vision Plan is provided by Davis Vision. You will receive the in-network benefit if you use a Davis Vision provider. If your provider is not a Davis Vision provider, you will receive the out-of-network benefit. To find a provider, go to and utilize the "Find a Doctor" feature or call Davis Vision at 1-800-783-5602 for a list of network providers closest to you.

In-Network Benefit Annual Amount (every 12 months)
Vision Exam $0 copay (every 12 months)
Prescription Glasses $40 copay - $20 for frames/$20 for lenses (every 12 months)
Lenses Single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses are covered in full after the $20 lens copay(every 12 months)
  • after the $40 material copay
  • Single Vision: $97 allowance
  • Bifocal: $127 allowance
  • Disposable 4 boxes covered in full with exam if Davis vision, otherwise allowance applies

Extra Discounts and Savings:

Glasses and Sunglasses

  • Progressive Lenses - member pays additional $50
  • Premium Progressive Lenses - member pays additional $90
  • Scratch Resistant Coating - member pays additional $20
  • Glare Resistant Treatment - member pays additional $35
  • Premium Glare Resistant - member pays additional $48
  • Transition Lenses - member pays additional $65

Laser Vision Correction

  • Up to 25% off allowed benefit or 5% off advertised special

Information on How To Find a Provider .

For further information, refer to the Vision Plan Summarydocument.