Tools We Use

The tools we use to immerse our students in technology and manage the business of education

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
SunGard K-12 Education offers district-wide software solutions designed to help teachers, administrators and parents support student achievement anytime, anywhere. SunGard K-12 Education software solutions currently support over 8 million students or one out of six students nationally
Time & Attendance Management
Kronos. Kronos helps us with the tasks involved in monitoring employee time and attendance. We use time-tracking software, working in tandem with Kronos data collection devices, helps us control our labor costs, manage compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.
ID Badge, Access Control, Visitor Management
IDenticard Systems.
A leading manufacturer of photo ID cards since 1970, IDenticards solutions also include ID card security features, flexible photo ID badge software, integrated access control systems, complete visitor badge programs, and hundreds of badge holders, lanyards, and attachment options.
Student Information Systems & School Administration
Aspen X2 delivers streamlined communication between our front office, classroom and the parent. As a result, operations are significantly improved,. A browser-based system, Aspen provides both high-level and detailed views of school and student data, enabling easy access to reports, data collection and analysis.
Library Management
Destiny Library Manager is a complete 21st century library solution. Destiny Library Manager combines library circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and management into one centrally installed school library software system. Students and faculty patrons access the system through any workstation with a supported web browser, through our school network and the Internet. Destiny Library Manager provides a stable, reliable library automation system that bridges the gap between the library and classroom.
Asset Management
Destiny® Asset Manager™, helps K-12 districts maximize the value of fixed and portable assets through better resource and education inventory management. With Destiny Asset Manager it is easier for you to share district assets, reduce purchasing redundancies and optimize the use of existing assets.
Textbook Management
Destiny® Textbook Manager software provides districts with a more efficient way to bring textbook costs under control, circulate and track instructional materials, and ensure every student has the materials they need to succeed.
Description: Juniper Networks Network Infrastructure
Juniper Routers and Switches. Junipers network infrastructure solutions help Wicomico County schools meet their high performance network goals with new levels of security, availability, performance, and operational simplicity. Junipers routing, switching and security platforms are designed to connect real-time, critical applications and services to users in schools and central sites and data centers.
Wireless Infrastructure
Xirrus Wireless Arrays. Xirrus solutions were developed from the ground up for a wireless world and designed to deliver wired-like performance. And Xirrus solutions support the unique requirements of school environments, particularly in terms of device density, traffic capacity and the ability to scale on demand.

Office/Student Productivity Tools
Microsoft Office 2013
The Microsoft Suite we use throughout the school system includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Cloud Email Exchange Online - Hosted Email
Built to deliver the enterprise-grade security and reliability that Wicomico County requires, Microsoft Exchange Online provides hosted email, calendar and contacts on county PCs or staff PCs via web browser. Wicomico County uses this service at NO COST.
Cloud, Datacenter and Workstation Management
Microsoft System Center 2012 is a cloud and datacenter management solution that provides a common toolset to manage private and public cloud applications and services
Description: Moodle Course and Learning Management Systems
Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.
Instructional Technology
Apple iPad. Wicomico County Schools is embarking on an initiative to explore the use of this tool for instruction. We have formed a cross-functional team to research and identify the opportunities this exciting technology offers.
Instructional Technology
Nook. Like the iPad, we have great ideas that can transform learning with eReader technology. The same team is exploring the fit, form, and function of the Nook to compliment, or in some cases replace paper textbooks
Interactive Whiteboards
Promethean. Prometheans Whole Class Learning Solution empowers teachers to provide effective instruction simultaneously to a wide range of students, engaging the whole class while respecting the unique needs of individual students.
Interactive Whiteboards
SMART. SMARTs award-winning products help teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. Because SMART products are so easy to use, teachers can quickly incorporate them into their teaching to transform student learning and increase engagement.
Interactive Tables/Carts
SMART Table. SMART Table is the first multi-touch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of early education students to work simultaneously on one surface. The centers interface is so intuitive that even young students can start using it without instruction.
Description: Epson - Exceed Your Vision Interactive Whiteboards
Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector. In the past, you needed a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive learning environment. Now, make a table or almost any wall interactive with the BrightLink Interactive Projector. This high-performance projector + pen combination integrates interactive functionality in one machine.
Desktop/Laptop Computers Dell helps school districts drive this transformation by delivering solutions that address the core education issues surrounding academic and student success: personalized learning, integrated digital learning environments, data management and education analytics, and the need for an effective and efficient technology infrastructure.
Student Performance Data Analysis Performance Matters provides a comprehensive assessment and data management platform that supports the information needs of Wicomico County's teachers, school system leaders and parents.  Using Performance Matters, all stakeholders in the educational process have ready access to the information and resources they need to sustain student learning and effective instruction.
Student Content Management netTrekker is a leader in the organization and delivery of digital K-12 educational content and is dedicated to enhancing education with highly effective technologies and services that help personalize learning and deliver engaging educational content to every student in a safe, relevant, easy-to-use format.
  Curriculum Assessment CompassLearning creates award-winning, research-based curriculum and assessment software backed by industry-leading support and professional development.
  Student Fitness Assessment FitnessGram is a fitness assessment and reporting program for youth, first developed in 1982 by The Cooper Institute in response to the need for a comprehensive set of assessment procedures in physical education programs. The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that assess aerobic capacity; muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility; and body composition. Scores from these assessments are compared to Healthy Fitness Zone® standards to determine students' overall physical fitness and suggest areas for improvement when appropriate.
  Library Research Databases
(used in Media Centers)
Online Databases