Destination Imagination Regional Tournament March 3 at SMS
Come and Enjoy the Creativity of WCPS Students at March 3 Destination Imagination Tournament
Posted on 03/02/2018
Wicomico County Public Schools will participate in the Maryland Eastern Region Destination Imagination Tournament on Sat., Mar. 3 at Salisbury Middle School. The Eastern Region includes 68 teams from eight Eastern Shore counties, including 31 teams from Wicomico Schools. Teams compete at the Regional Tournament to earn the right to advance to the Maryland State Tournament at University of Maryland Baltimore County on April 7. Qualifying teams at the state level earn the right to advance to represent the state of Maryland at Global Finals in May at the University of Tennessee.

Wicomico County Public Schools participating in DI this year are Fruitland Intermediate, North Salisbury Elementary, Pemberton Elementary, Westside Intermediate, Salisbury Middle, Bennett Middle, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, Parkside High and Wicomico High. DI school facilitators in each school are coordinating the DI program at their schools and helping to guide teams and their parent team managers. The public is welcome to attend and see these great teams in action as they present their Central Challenge solutions.

Destination Imagination (DI) is a student-centered, technology-friendly, international organization for kindergarten through college students. It teaches life skills and expands imaginations through team-based creative problem solving. Destination Imagination emphasizes STEM / STEAM skills, creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. Each team works for months on its Central Challenge for the tournament, and must also master an Instant Challenge on the spot.

Destination Imagination Central Challenge Times for Teams from Wicomico County Public Schools:

Maze Craze (Technical)
Fruitland Intermediate                       Smarteez                                             7:50 am

North Salisbury                                   DI Maze Runners                                 8:10 am
North Salisbury                                   Maze Blazers                                       8:30 am

Salisbury Middle School                      Craze DImortals                                  9:30 am


Unlikely Attraction  (Scientific)
Salisbury Middle School                      DI Diamonds                                         7:40 am
Wicomico High School                        Diatomic Molecules                              9:00 am        
Fruitland Intermediate                        Boomerangs                                        10:20 am

Westside Intermediate                       Lightbobs                                             11:20 am


Change of Tune  (Fine Arts)
Pittsville                                              6 Destroying Imagineers                      8:10 am
Bennett Middle                                    Square Squad                                        8:50 am

Bennett Middle                                   Legendary Llamas                                 9:10 am

Parkside High School                           Carpe Diem                                         10:20 am    

North Salisbury School                          Mustache Mustangs                                  10:40 am 

Treasure! (Improvisation)
North Salisbury                                   Kool Koalas                                           7:40 am

Fruitland Intermediate                       Warriors                                                8:00 am

Wicomico High School                        DI of the Tiger                                       9:20 am

Bennett Middle                                   Do or DI                                               10:10 am

Drop Zone (Engineering)

Salisbury Middle                                 Mindful Thinkers                                   8:30 am

Fruitland Intermediate                       All Stars                                               11:20 am

Westside Intermediate                       DI Unicorns                                         11:40 am

Pemberton Elementary                      The Warrior Builders                            2:10 pm

Westside Intermediate                       DI Diamonds                                         2:30 pm

Inside Impact  (Service Learning)

Wicomico High School                        Uncommon DInominators                    8:00 am

North Salisbury                                   Mini Marvelous Marshmallows            8:20 am

Pittsville                                              Cats With Top Hats                             10:50 am

Friends Everywhere  (Rising Stars  K - 2) 

Beaver Run                                          DInamic Dragons                                  8:50 am

Fruitland Primary                                Psycho Dogs                                          9:30 am

Fruitland Primary                                Smarty Bears                                      10:30 am

Westside Intermediate                       Cool Kitty Kats                                     10:50 am

Fruitland Primary                                Dr. Pepper PopPop                              11:10 am

Fruitland Primary                                Slappy Black Lagoon People               11:30 am


Link to full tournament schedule: