Every presentation on student achievement emphasizes the key role that parent involvement – also called family engagement – plays in the success of students.  But what is meant by that?

Family engagement researchers share common themes.  When parents are involved in the school systems, students:

·         Make better grades

·         Attend classes more regularly

·         Are more likely to graduate from high school

·         Are less likely to abuse drugs and other substances

·         Are less likely to engage in behavior such as bullying

As a school system, we are committed to working with families in a variety of ways.  We not only invite parents to the schools but we want to go where families are -- to be part of celebrations, address challenges, and work on solutions together. 

Our Family Engagement Policy is available for your review.  In that document, you can see the commitment of the school system – to work with families and the community to support the success of every students.  You can also see the ways in which we hope to work with families.

What will be the one thing you will do to work with the schools for the achievement of your child?  Will you pledge to attend one parent-teacher conference (attend the conference even if your child is successful in class)?  Will you attend a Principal’s Roundtable or the Superintendent’s Open Door meeting?  You can use these one-on-one opportunities to share your ideas for student success.

Will you serve on a committee or invite your church or organization to be a partner with a school?  St. Peters Episcopal Church shared how their congregation was in tears as two teachers shared with them the difference that the congregation’s gifts were making in the lives of Wicomico Middle students, staff, and families.

As a school system, we promise that we will reach out to families just to build a relationship.  We hope that you will reach back to us as well.