Math, Arts, Science and Technology

What is MAST?


The STARS: MAST after school program targets achievement and educational success for all participating students. MAST stands for Math, Arts, Science and Technology. We look to increase math and science testing scores as well as increase student interest in the areas of science and the arts! As a Wicomico County public schools program, we provide homework help, tutoring, community partner and club activities as well as inquiry based project based learning to enhance student education. In addition to providing a safe place for children after school we also offer a nutritious snack and bus transportation safely home!

Our Goals


  • To provide opportunities for extended learning
  • To positively affect achievement
  • To increase science and math proficiency
  • To increase student's knowledge of STEM based learning
  • To improve school attendance
  • To positively affect student motivation
  • To provide homework assistance
  • To increase parental participation in their child’s education
  • To provide a safe place for children