1.  Safety is your 1st priority!! 
2.  Instruction should be aligned to county and state                          curriculum guidelines 
3.  Every lesson should be created and documented with a           formal lesson plan
4.  Lesson content should include: 

                  An actively engaging warm-up 


                  Differentiated activities -individual, small group or                         whole class 

                  Infusion of technology 

                  Informal or formal assessment 

                  Seamless lesson transitions -minimal downtime 

                  Rules and routines clearly established 

5.  Students should be actively engaged 
6.  Teachers should be actively engaged 
7.  Good rapport between teachers and students
8.  Positive learning environment 
9.  Lessons should be exciting and enjoyable 
10. Learning should be taking place every period, every day in all Wicomico County Public Schools!