Observation Guidelines

Winning Components for a Successful Lesson


Component 1 – Evidence of a well-planned lesson, including assessments aligned to the curriculum that demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy. 
Component 2 – Evidence of a warm-up activity and objective to stimulate initial interest and rationalize content being taught. 
Component 3 – Design coherent instruction to meet instructional outcomes. 
Component 4 – Effective classroom mangaement procedures implemented to maximize instructional time. 
Component 5 – Teacher establishes a culture for learning.
Component 6 – A variety of instructional strategies are utilized to educate students and promote lifelong learning. 
Component 7 - Use effective questioning and discussion techniques to elicit higher order student responses.
Component 8 – To actively engage students in their learning and provide meaningful feedback to illicit improvement. 
Component 9 – Teacher utilizes all available equipment and resources for an effective delivery of the lesson.
Component 10 - Provide a sequential closure to the lesson, including a means of determining student proficiency.