PE Teacher Dress Code Guidelines




These guidelines have been established to foster discipline, order, safety, health and establish an environment that is conducive to learning. These guidelines were developed by an advisory team of Wicomico County Public Schools physical education professionals as an extension of the Code of Conduct published by the National Association of Health and Physical Education (NASPE). 

The responsibility for understanding and adhering to these District-wide guidelines rests with physical education teachers, and it is expected that all physical education teachers will come to school dressed and groomed in accordance with these guidelines.

Building staff and administrators shall allow deviations from these guidelines based on religious, medical or other special circumstances or for special school activities.



  • Well-kept hair and facial hair
  • Moderate make-up that is natural in appearance
  • Moderate jewelry that is safe for self and others and accessories (hair bands, earrings, etc.) that are complimentary to the attire
  • Hats and sunglasses are to be worn outdoors only








  • Clean and unwrinkled shirt (collared, athletic, school logos)
  • Clean and neat outerwear (fleeces, jackets, gloves, sweatshirts and hoodies)
  • No see through material
  • Midriff should be covered without underwear visible
  • Sleeveless shirts
    • Males- may not wear sleeveless shirts
    • Females – must have three fingers width of material on the shoulder







  • Shorts and skorts should be no higher than mid-thigh
  • Bottoms should be appropriate athletic apparel or khaki-style
    • No denim, cut-off or torn bottom shorts
  • Pants and shorts should rest at or about waist level (belt, drawstring, or otherwise secured from displacement)
  • Yoga pants are only permitted for yoga instruction and must include an appropriate cover-up
  • Socks should match
  • Athletic shoes with tie laces should be worn







  • No inappropriate logos, patches, or sayings on clothing
  • No clothes with visible stains or holes
  • Visible piercings and tattoos should be appropriate for the educational setting
  • Clothing should not hug your body like skin or hang in a baggy fashion
  • If outdoors the teacher should have a means of communication, such as a walkie-talkie
  • Watch and whistle are recommended
  • Cell phones are not permitted for personal use during instructional time
  • Refrain from eating/drinking/or chewing gum while teaching