Middle School Science
All WCPS Middle School students take a Science Class.  Some schools offer science every day for the full year in periods from 45-52 minutes in length.  Other schools offer Science as a double block (90 minutes) alternating every day with social studies to allow for extended time for students to engage in hands-on investigations.

The Middle School Curriculum takes a spiraled approach in which topics are examined and reexamined in subsequent grades with increasing complexity, rigor, and sophistication.

Topics by Grade - 2017-18 School Year

6th Grade
Unit 1: Waves, Electricity, & Magnetism
Unit 2: Earth Systems
Unit 3: Astronomy
Unit 4: Ecology

7th Grade
Unit 1: Interactions of Matter
Unit 2: Cell Inquiry
Unit 3: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
Unit 4: Human Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 5: Diversity and Unity of Life
Unit 6: Humans in the Environment

8th Grade
Weather & Climate
Evolution & Adaptation