The InView Assessment - Sample Problems


The InView is a norm-referenced assessment which measures the skills and abilities most directly related to academic success.  A reliable Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) is derived from five sub-tests that assess the following cognitive areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning—Words
  • Verbal Reasoning—Context
  • Sequences
  • Analogies
  • Quantitative Reasoning

The tests present students with innovative items that assess skills such as understanding verbal and quantitative concepts and analyzing and comprehending relationships between verbal and nonverbal stimuli.  The InView was standardized to include students with disabilities and to provide age- and grade-appropriate normative data.

In order to be eligible for participation in the T.A.D program all students must attain a Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) score of 125 as measured by the InView or attain a score that falls within an error variance of 122 to 124.

Sample Test Questions

Verbal Reasoning—Words Sample


Verbal Reasoning—Context Sample

InView 2

Sequences Sample

InView 3

Analogies Sample


Quantitative Reasoning Sample