Middle School TAD Units of Study 2017-18

Units of Study for 2017-2018


Forensics and History
Geography and Chemistry of Chocolate



Students will research how to attract beneficial insects to our local landscapes to protect our crops and health, while ridding our region of invasive pests.    Students will plant beneficial insect gardens on school grounds and create a pinning collection of insects and arachnids found locally as well as an author, Entofile, explaining the ecological contributions of insects native to our area. 

Most people are familiar with CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and the basics of this study which include fingerprinting, weapon identification and photographing a scene.  In TAD, we will experience that and beyond.  We will explore the following types of forensics: medical, entomology, handwriting, forest, textiles, food and blood. Students will leave with a better understanding and appreciation for this vast area of careers!