TAD Program Description and Mission

            TAD Program Description and Mission

Program Description: 

T.A.D. is a project-based learning program for qualifying students enrolled in elementary and middle school grades three through eight.  T.A.D. units of instruction challenge students to apply innovative thinking to investigative
tasks.  Students are problem solving, researching, presenting and collaborating with peers and community organizations while tackling projects designed to address current challenges within the community and to promote awareness.  Units of study include, but are not limited to, environmental literacy, arts integration, history, geography, architecture, literature, government, world culture, genealogy, neurology, anthropology, marine biology, chemistry, and economics.

Mission Statement:

The TAD program is a differentiated instructional program for academically gifted students in the third through eighth grades. Identified students meet for one class period per six-day cycle in groups of five to ten students with an itinerant T.A.D. teacher.

Essential thinking skills are developed through academic units of study.  These units of study provide opportunities for the students to develop proficiency in concepts and skills of the regular curriculum while also providing content, instructional strategies and settings for learning that may be unique for gifted students.