Preschool Services
Services may be provided in a variety of settings. The goals of the IEP and where the child spends the day are the determining factors in where services are provided. The following is the continuum of options for preschoolers:

Community-Based Services (CBS):

Services are provided to children with mild to moderate delays in general education, community-based settings. Such settings can include: private preschool; child care; Head Start; and other site-based locations. The idea is for children with delays to be integrated in typical environments and for services to be provided on-site to them and to their teachers. Special educators and therapists (speech, occupational, physical) come to the school or site and provide intervention.

Single services (primarily speech):

Children with only speech delays or disorders [generally for articulation issues] may be seen at their local elementary school by a school system speech-language pathologist; typically this is done in a small group setting.