Board Meetings Now Available Live, Archived
Meetings of the Wicomico County Board of Education Now Available for Online Viewing
Posted on 09/13/2016

The Wicomico County Board of Education and Wicomico County Public Schools now offer a video streaming service for Board meetings, so people can watch meetings online as they take place and look for meetings later in an archive.

This new livestreaming service will be offered for the first time during the Board of Education’s monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13. Those wishing to attend the meeting in person are welcome to come to the Board Auditorium at 101 Long Ave., but anyone can access the livestream of the meeting online from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Meetings will be broadcast here: A button on the school system’s home page will link to that page as well.

“We’re very excited to be broadcasting Board meetings as a public service and a tool for transparency,” said Board President Don Fitzgerald. “We’re always glad to have people join us in the Board Auditorium for our meetings, but this is going to make our meetings even more accessible to the community. They’ll be able to watch meetings online as they happen, or look back on a meeting that has already taken place.”

All Board meetings will be archived and accessible for on-demand viewing.  Once archived, the on-demand feature allows for viewers to choose which meeting agenda items, or conversations, they wish to watch and then go directly to that particular video segment. 

This webcasting feature is compatible with multiple platforms including Apple, Android, and other popular devices.

The Board of Education has contracted with Swagit Productions, LLC for this service. Swagit Productions is known for its ability to provide automated, or ‘hands free’ streaming and content management capabilities that preclude the need for onsite A/V staffing resources. Swagit provides many boards of education, municipalities and counties with a cost-effective, convenient means to engage the local community.

The school system will work with PAC 14 on the logistics of broadcasting the meetings on its channel, for yet another way for the community to watch.