Congratulations to Wicomico's 2016 All Shore Musicians and Singers
Wicomico County Middle and High School Band, Chorus and Orchestra Students Receive All Shore, All State Honors
Posted on 04/05/2016

Congratulations to the 2016 All Shore musicians and singers from Wicomico County Public Schools. Ten of these All Shore students from Wicomico Schools also earned 2016 All State recognition, and performed at the Maryland Music Educators Conference. Two students, Lilly Dasher of Pittsville Middle and Ellie Cuppett of Parkside High, earned All Shore honors in two ensembles.

The success of all of these talented students shines a spotlight on the school system’s success in music education: Wicomico County Public Schools recently received the 2016 Best Communities in the United States for Music Education Award from the NAMM Foundation. The school system has won this honor for seven of the past 10 years.

The All Shore concerts are open to the public for a small admission fee, and tickets may be purchased at the door:

  • All Shore Band concert, 7:30 p.m. April 9, Queen Anne’s County High School
  • All Shore Chorus concert, 7 p.m. April 15, Wicomico High School
  • All Shore Orchestra concert, 7:30 p.m. April 16, Colonel Richardson High School


All Shore Senior High School Chorus


James M. Bennett High:

Jackie Bailey, alto (All State Senior Mixed Chorus)

Rachel Bailey, Soprano I

Jeremiah Copeland, tenor

Emily Della Ratta, alto

Joshua Dennis, tenor

Emily Gutierrez, alto (All State Senior Mixed Chorus)

Josh Harman, bass (All State Junior Mixed Chorus)

Teresa Miller, alto

Corian Mills, bass (All State Junior Mixed Chorus)

Brett Mitchell, bass

Clark Mitchell, tenor (All State Senior Mixed Chorus)

James Rogers, bass

Alison Sahler, soprano I

Zoe Sheller, soprano I

Sandra Zelaya, soprano II (All State Senior Mixed Chorus)


Parkside High:

Brooke Bennish, Soprano I (alto, All State Senior Women’s Chorus)

Daekota Fletcher, bass

Jessica Graver, alto

Elizabeth Hobbs, soprano II

Amari Jackson, alto

Simone Richardson, alto

Kaylee Taylor, alto

Arianna Thornton, alto


Wicomico High:

Katelin Beach, soprano II (alto, All State Senior Women’s Chorus)

Juliet Bier, soprano II

Mairin Jabagat, soprano II

Jung Oh, soprano II

Schyler Sample, bass (All State Senior Mixed Chorus)

Robert Wallace, bass


All Shore Junior Chorus - Middle School


Bennett Middle:

Zamilah Dabipi, alto

Trenelle Dashiell, soprano II

Chloe Rinaldi, alto

Kayla Wilkins, soprano I


Pittsville Middle:

Lilly Dasher, alto

Treyce Wilson, baritone


Salisbury Middle:

Brandon Collins, baritone

Trinity Dennard, soprano II

Julia Fitzpatrick, alto

Colin Glushakow, baritone

Maggie Malone, alto

Taylor Monroe, alto


All Shore Senior Band - High School


James M. Bennett High:       

Jon Adams, clarinet

Laura Adams, flute

Chris Avanessian, bass clarinet

Alexis Emerson, trumpet

Brock Forsythe, baritone

Kristen Gittings, bass clarinet

Jake Lanza, tuba

Hyunji Lee, flute

Peter Lim, mallets

Eddie Nieberding, French horn

Rawan Osman, tenor sax

Matt Selser, tuba

Sydney Weaver, flute

TJ Williams, trombone

Eun-Ha Yim, oboe


Mardela High:

Maggie Adams, trumpet

Matthew Adams, percussion

Mitchell Adams, trombone

Malik Allen, percussion

Abigail Boltz, oboe

Morgan McGee, flute

Megan Roy, clarinet

Hunter Wirt, timpani (percussion, All State Junior Band)


Parkside High:

Sophia Christie, clarinet

Ellie Cuppett, flute

Breanna Distin, French horn

Justin Goodman, trumpet

Hanna Holland, flute

Daniel Jeong, trumpet

Hannah Lewis, French horn

Allyson Morris, French horn

Yunie Pak, flute


Wicomico High:

Malaki Forman, trombone

Sean Jacobs, French horn

Kristin Ware, clarinet


All Shore Junior Band - Middle School


Bennett Middle:

Maggie Harkins, French horn

Gi Kwon, flute

Yeong Lee, flute

Simon Lewis, French horn


Mardela Middle:

Alyssa Boltz, French horn

Tianna Staten, clarinet


Pittsville Middle:

Emily Coiro, baritone horn

Lilly Dasher, horn

Kailey Thamert, clarinet


Salisbury Middle:

Ben Canada, trombone (alternate)

Abbey Loar, clarinet

Noah Mason, tuba

Hannah Kim, flute

Alex Sewell, tuba

J.P. Urian, tenor sax


Wicomico Middle:

Daniel Davis, tuba

Olivia Kenney, clarinet


2016 All Shore Orchestra

Bennett Middle:

Roxanne Chow, violin

Gracie Elswick, violin

James Hsia, violin

Anna Long, violin

Brian Min, violin

Kate Riley, violin


Mardela Middle:

Alexzander Baer, cello


Pittsville Middle:

Simon Jeong, violin

Josephine Sollars, violin


Salisbury Middle:

Cassidy Bauer, violin

Mulan Bell, violin

Yoonsuh Nam, violin


Wicomico Middle:

Kirsten Parsons, violin

Gage Sabater, cello

Adan Thomas-Mason, double bass


James M Bennett High:

Lensky Augustin, string bass

Hope Jones, violin

Sophia Keniston, cello

Yeong Lee, violin

Thomas Long, violin

Banuja Munasinghe, violin

Ethan Rodriguez-Jones, string bass

Christopher Sajadi, violin

David Waters, string bass


Mardela High:

Sokyra Ward, violin


Parkside High:

Ian Anderson, violin

Ellie Cuppett, violin

Tamunoibi Dabipi, string bass

Laila Libertin, violin

Trish Manning, cello

Miyae McCaskill, violin

Jossie Molina Miranda, violin

Leyna Paul, violin

Sarah Runge, violin


Wicomico High:

Abigaile Dartilus, violin

Millicent Kihiuria, violin

Kate Mahler, violin

Julie Morrison, violin