Parkside High CTE Open House, SkillsUSA Competition Feb. 6
Prospective Students, Parents, Community Invited to Saturday’s Parkside High CTE Open House and SkillsUSA Competition
Posted on 02/05/2016

The Career & Technology Education (CTE) Department at Parkside High School will host the 32nd annual local SkillsUSA Championship competition on Saturday, Feb. 6. Everyone is welcome to come out and see the competition and the many exciting things happening in the CTE Department to prepare students for college and career.

This is an excellent opportunity for prospective students from middle and high school to visit with their parents, as well as for members of the community to come in and learn more about what happens at CTE. The competition will be held at Parkside High School from 8-11 a.m. with an awards ceremony at 11:30 a.m. in the school auditorium. Please call 410-677-5144 for more information.

The CTE Program has been housed at Parkside High School since 1997 and provides career and technology courses for students from all four high schools. Students take classes each day at CTE, and the rest at their home high school; some students also take classes at college. CTE students have a clear focus on preparing for college and career: In 2014, 100% of CTE students graduated, 82.1% of them going on to college, technical school, or the workplace, said Bryan Ashby, Supervisor of Career and Technology Education for Wicomico County Public Schools.

“We’d love for the community to come out and learn more about what our teachers and students are doing at CTE,” Ashby said. “Our CTE programs have strong bonds with industry and the business community, and CTE completers are well prepared to go on to college, career, or the military.”


About Parkside CTE …

There are 24 different programs offered to high school students through CTE. Nineteen of these programs are taught at CTE, the Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician program is located at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Computer Science and Business Education are offered on the regular high school campuses.

The top programs by enrollment in level I and II courses are:

  • Early Childhood (47). Students in this program operate a preschool program that is open to the community.
  • Cosmetology (41). Services of Cosmetology students are available to the public, and the program also partners with schools to provide nail and beauty services for staff appreciation and student behavioral incentives.
  • Horticulture Production Management (40). Horticulture students have set a Guinness World Record and presented at the White House. The program operates the busy A+ Garden Centre.
  • Project Lead the Way (38). Most of the students who took Introduction to Engineering Design last year received transcripted college credit at Rochester Institute of Technology, and will continue to build college credit throughout the four-year program.
  • Criminal Justice (37). Students prepare for careers in law enforcement or corrections.
  • Culinary Arts (34) Students learn culinary techniques, restaurant management, banquet preparation, cater events, and have seasonal projects like holiday cookie orders, for which they made in excess of 20,000 cookies in December.
  • Computer Networking and Repair (33). Students receive technical training in diagnosing and repair of personal computers, networking, and advanced hardware and system repair.
  • Health Occupations (32). There were 90 applicants for the 16 Level I spots for this program. Students of this program prepare for postsecondary study in health care and most students pursue a career in nursing and several students have continued their education to become physician’s assistants.
  • Automotive Technology (31). CTE’s Auto Tech students regularly excel in competitions on the state and national level. Services are available to the community. This program has strong bonds with local dealerships and shops, and many CTE graduates work at those employers.


Approximately 450 students visit CTE each year to take a semester-long course called ATEX (Applied Technology Exploration). Most of these students are in 9th and 10th grade, and many of them go on to enroll in a CTE program after taking ATEX. Students are able to choose four CTE programs and rotate through them, spending about 22 days in each program. Next year students will have the option to continue in ATEX for a second semester, concentrating in the program they would like to pursue.


Some 256 students are in the first year of a CTE program, and 217 are in the second year. Historically students took their CTE program classes in the junior and senior year, but many now begin that process in the sophomore year. Cosmetology students are in their program for three years in order to fulfill the certification requirements.


Thirty-eight sophomores and freshmen are engaged in a rigorous pre-engineering program in the second year of Project Lead the Way, offered at CTE. Students take Introduction to Engineering Design the first year, and Principles of Engineering the second year. The course is open to students from all four high schools who have the math foundation needed to succeed in this challenging program of study.