Pinehurst Story: A Ramp for Diego
Pinehurst Story: A Ramp for Diego
Posted on 07/22/2014
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Pinehurst Elementary was part of a team of organizations that came together to build a ramp at the home of a young Pinehurst Elementary student who is in a wheelchair. Diego Zetina, 9, attends Pinehurst Elementary, which is fully accessible for him, but his home in north Salisbury did not have the same access. His parents were having to bring him down several stairs at home.

On July 17, starting in the early morning hours and ending in late afternoon, a team of volunteers worked to build a ramp outside Diego’s home. Chesapeake Housing Mission coordinated the project, having done a number of these projects in the area. Peninsula Insurance sponsored the project for the family, and provided labor. Benchmark Construction of Pennsylvania, which is working on a renovation project at Peninsula Insurance, donated materials and labor. A dozen or so Pinehurst Elementary staff members and their family members volunteered on the project. Diego’s family members also worked and supported the project.

Their efforts showed how much good could be accomplished in just one day through teamwork and caring.