Saluting the 2015-2016 WCPS Retirees
Thank You and Good Luck to the 2015-2016 Retirees from Wicomico County Public Schools
Posted on 06/23/2016

The Wicomico County Board of Education and the Wicomico County Public School System say thank you and good luck to the teachers, administrators, support staff and other staff members retiring in the 2015-2016 school year after many years of work on behalf of Wicomico students and families.

This year’s retirees include the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. John E. Fredericksen, who is retiring after eight years as the leader of Wicomico Schools and 44 years in public education. Five employees are retiring with more than 40 years in public education: Choices Academy ELA teacher Robin Taylor, Dr. Fredericksen, and from James M. Bennett High, Principal Steve Grudis, Physical Education teacher Jerdy Heatwole, and Choral teacher C. Benton “Ben” Reavis.

Also retiring, in a manner of speaking: Board member Dr. Carolyn Elmore, a retired educator who is finishing her five-year term on the Board of Education and leaving the Board as of June 30.

Most of the retirements are effective June 30, though some have already taken place. Retiring during the 2015-2016 school year:


Terry B. Blagus, James M. Bennett High, office associate III, 16 years

Ellen M. Burton, Fruitland Primary, Grade 2 teacher, 30 years (19 in Wicomico)

Patricia F. Cathell. Pinehurst Elementary, instructional assistant III – intervention, 12 years

DeVaughn L. Clark, Facility Services, custodian I, 7 years

Mary Lou P. Coffin, Wicomico High, English teacher, 32 years

Denise J. Collins, Fruitland Primary, Grade 2 teacher, 30 years

Paul E. Collins, James M. Bennett High, Special Education teacher, 38 years (27 in Wicomico)

James E. Cook Jr., James M. Bennett High, Assistant Principal, 30 years

Winnie G. Cropper, Bennett Middle, instructional assistant I – Special Education, 10 years

Lavern W. Crosell, Bennett Middle, instructional assistant I – Special Education, 19 years

Mary K. Davis, Beaver Run Elementary, media specialist, 32 years (12 in Wicomico)

Jack W. Demorra, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, Science teacher, 39 years

Rebecca R. Doss, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, Assistant Principal, 35 years

James I. Downing, Fruitland Primary, custodian II, 16.3 years

Brian D. Foret, Director of Facility Services for Wicomico Schools, 23.4 years

Maggie R. Foret, Parkside High CTE, administrative office associate, 22.6 years

John E. Fredericksen, Superintendent of Wicomico Schools, 44 years (8 in Wicomico)

Judith A. Gracey, Beaver Run Elementary, administrative assistant, 23.8 years

Erin M. Gray, Delmar Elementary, Special Education teacher, 15.6 years

Steven E. Grudis, James M. Bennett High, Principal, 42 years (27 in Wicomico)

James “Gary” Hammer, Bennett Middle, Band teacher, 39 years

Donald L. Hampton, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, custodian II, 20.3 years

Alfred C. Harmon, Salisbury Middle, Building Service Manager II, 38.6 years

LaVerne F. Harmon, Bennett Middle, Art teacher, 38 years

Patricia M. Harrison, Prince Street Elementary, instructional assistant II, 17 years

Jerdy L. Heatwole, James M. Bennett High, Physical Education teacher, 41.8 years

Charlotte A. Hertz, North Salisbury Elementary, Art teacher, 35.7 years

Dawn L. Hooper, Delmar Elementary, administrative assistant, 16.5 years

Annette W. Huddleston, Pinehurst Elementary, instructional assistant III – Special Education, 10 years

Julia B. Kohut, Parkside High and Visual and Performing Arts Program, Art teacher, 29.5 years (15.5 in Wicomico)

Anna M. Kroon, James M. Bennett High, instructional assistant II – Special Education, 13 years

David Kroon, James M. Bennett High, Chemistry teacher, 29.7 years (14 in Wicomico)

Karen M. Kundell, Wicomico High, Earth Science teacher, 39 years (31 in Wicomico)

Dorothy A. LaCurts, Delmar Elementary, food service worker, 14 years

Debra S. Larson, Wicomico High, Family and Cosumer Science teacher, 24.5 years (14.5 in Wicomico)

Sharon W. Lewis, Beaver Run Elementary, Grade 2 teacher, 39.4 years

Pamela B. Linton, Pinehurst Elementary, Special Education teacher, 15 years

Raymond E. Lloyd III, Facility Services, maintenance tech III – plumbing, 10.9 years

Patricia A. Maki, Fruitland Primary, instructional assistant I, 13.8 years

Jayne E. Malach, Salisbury Middle, media specialist, 31 years (23 in Wicomico)

Kathleen S. Malone, Wicomico Middle, Social Studies teacher, 37.8 years

Mary E. Mannel, Pinehurst Elementary, media associate, 28 years

Deborah E. Mills, Fruitland Intermediate, Grade 5 teacher, 24 years (16 in Wicomico)

Rosa L. Parker, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, food service worker, 10 years

Krista M. Perdue, Bennett Middle, Choral teacher, 36.6 years

Barbara A. Peters, Beaver Run Elementary, instructional assistant III, 16 years

Wesley Phillips, Facility Services, Assistant Building Service Manager II, 28.4 years

George T. Pierson, Parkside High, Technology Education teacher, 20.6 years (12 in Wicomico)

Gail N. Poe, Wicomico Middle, Special Education teacher, 36 years (20 in Wicomico)

Charles B. “Ben” Reavis, James M. Bennett High, Choral teacher, 47 years (43 in Wicomico)

Pamela L. Schoolfield, Bennett Middle, instructional assistant I – Special Education, 29.6 years

Janice M. Sewell, North Salisbury Elementary, instructional assistant II – Special Education, 9.7 years

Lavern Sibanda, Westside Primary, student advisor, 20 years

Anthony C. Simpson, Beaver Run Elementary, custodian I, 20.5 years

Gail F. Smith, Pemberton Elementary, professional development coach, 22.6 years (11 in Wicomico)

Preston “Rick” R. Smith, Facility Services, Maintenance Foreman – grounds crew, 27.7 years

Stewart M. Soper, James M. Bennett High, Math teacher, 34 years (31 in Wicomico)

Carl H. Tankersly, Parkside High CTE, instructional assistant I – Automotive, 15.4 years

Robin L. Taylor, Choices Academy, English Language Arts teacher, 40.4 years

Paul F. Turner, Bennett Middle, Social Studies teacher, 33.6 years (30 in Wicomico)