Six Wicomico Teams Excel at Maryland DI Tournament, Advance to Global Finals
Wicomico Teams Advance to Destination Imagination Global Finals from NSS, BMS, SMS, WIS, WiHi
Posted on 04/03/2017

Wicomico Destination Imagination (DI) teams once again excelled at the Maryland State Destination Imagination Tournament at University of Maryland Baltimore County on April 1, with six Wicomico County DI teams advancing to Global Finals in Tennessee in May.

Fifteen DI teams from Wicomico County Public Schools competed against more than 300 teams from across the state. Six teams from Wicomico Schools have qualified to compete at the highest level of DI competition, Global Finals:


North Salisbury School Mustache Mustangs, 1st Place in state, Challenge B: Scientific Challenge (Top Secret), Elementary Level. Team members Bella Thompsen, Maya Thompsen, Kate Miller-Vail, Bella Hooper, Lillian Desmond, Diamond Torney, Team Manager Ashlee Thompsen, DI School Facilitators Mary Kinnamon and Marlene Naumann


Bennett Middle School Legendary Llamas, 3rd Place in state and second straight trip to Globals, Challenge B: Scientific Challenge (Top Secret), Middle Level. Team members Pag-asa Sison, Sheyene Brown, Psalmy Lacson, Johnnie Watkins, James Watkins, Da Hyun Son, Team Manager Amy Jo Watkins, DI School Facilitator Barbara Fodor

DI SMS Thinkers

Salisbury Middle School Mindful Thinkers, 4th Place in state and second straight trip to Globals, Challenge B: Scientific Challenge (Top Secret), Middle Level. Team members Brianna West, William Creese, Grace Nichols, Eden Donoway, Andrew Golba, team managers Joshua West and Charlene Creese, DI School Facilitator Tara Elliott


Westside Intermediate School DI Brows, 2nd Place in state, Challenge D: Improvisation Challenge (3-Peat), Elementary Level. Team members Mason Parker, Annabelle Matava, Ben Messick, Elise Connolly, Sadie Wilkins, Cedrick Jung, team managers Jen Parker and Lynn Matava, DI School Facilitators Kim Messick and Katie Fowlkes

DI SMS Monkeys

Salisbury Middle School Funky Monkeys, 3rd Place in state and fourth team trip to Globals, Challenge D: Improvisation Challenge (3-Peat), Middle Level. Team members Brennan Kaiser, Gavin Parker, Ethan Baker, Makenzie Johnson, Maya Matava, team managers Jen Parker, Jodi Reikard and Kelly Kaiser, DI School Facilitator Tara Elliott


Wicomico High School Uncommon DInominators, 3rd Place in state and second trip to Globals, Service Learning Challenge: Project Outreach (Ready, Willing & Fable), Senior Level. Team members Cayson Mears, Paige Folke, Colleen Sullivan, Taylor Jacobs, Alethea-Jade Coffey, team managers Heather Joslin and Christel Folke, DI School Facilitator Rebecca Mathews


DI transcends race, gender, and ethnic boundaries to encourage cooperation and productive problem solving in all children. DI is not so much a program as a process. DI has helped teams learn what we must all learn in life: to work cooperatively in teams, to push the limit of their imaginations, to learn new skills and creative problem solving tools, and to do all of that while having fun!


Fundraising for Global Finals

Competing at Global Finals is a tremendous honor and achievement. It also costs quite a bit of money, so teams will be busy fundraising for the next few weeks. Fund-raising events will be announced. Staff of Wicomico County Public Schools can help support Global Finals teams by participating in a countywide casual day for DI on Friday, April 7.  

Donations are welcome at any time to the respective school, with “DI Team” (for Salisbury  Middle, can specify one team, or both) in the memo line or on the envelope, or to all teams through Wicomico DI, using these addresses:


For the North Salisbury School Mustache Mustangs:

North Salisbury Elementary

1213 Emerson Ave.

Salisbury MD 21801


For the Bennett Middle School Legendary Llamas:

Bennett Middle School

532 S. Division St.

Fruitland MD 21826


For the Salisbury Middle School Mindful Thinkers and the Salisbury Middle School Funky Monkeys:

Salisbury Middle School

607 Morris St.

Salisbury MD 21801


For the Westside Intermediate School DI Brows:

Westside Intermediate School

8000 Quantico Road

Hebron MD 21830


For the Wicomico High School Uncommon DInominators:

Wicomico High School

201 Long Ave.

Salisbury MD 21804


For funds to be shared among the five Wicomico DI Global teams, please note that the donation is for the DI teams and mail to:

Destination Imagination

Wicomico County Board of Education

PO Box 1538

Salisbury MD 21802