Thank You to Our 2016-2017 Retirees!
Board of Education, School System Say Thank You and Good Luck to the 2016-2017 Retirees from Wicomico County Public Schools
Posted on 06/30/2017

The Wicomico County Board of Education and Wicomico County Public Schools say thank you and good luck to the teachers, instructional assistants, administrators, and support staff members who have retired after the 2016-2017 school year. These employees provided many years of outstanding work on behalf of Wicomico students and families.

Most of the retirements are effective June 30, though some took place earlier in the year.


Mary “Teresa” Absher, office associate II, North Salisbury Elementary, 24.2 years

Kathleen “Kathy” Bates, technology specialist III, Department of Technology Services, 20 years

Gary A. Beauchamp, Supervisor of Fine Arts, 42 years (26 in Wicomico)

Lillian A. Blake, Assistant Principal, Wicomico Middle, 24 years (13 in Wicomico)

Rosa L. Brown, food service worker, Pinehurst Elementary, 15.9 years

William E. Cecil Jr., Technology Education teacher, Salisbury Middle, 9.7 years

Bonnie L. Deeney, Grade 2 teacher, Glen Avenue Elementary, 27.8 years

Deborah K. Doane, instructional assistant II – in-school suspension, 19 years

Shelley Doane-Gale, English teacher, Parkside High, 31 years (30 in Wicomico)

Charles P. Doherty, English Language Arts teacher, Salisbury Middle, 30 years

John W. “Wayne” Freed, maintenance tech III – carpentry, Facility Services, 10 years

Laurie E. Freese, Prekindergarten teacher, Wicomico Early Learning Center, 20 years

Manuel “Buddy” Gattis, Building Service Manager II, 36 years

Tracy L. Gibson, Grade 2 teacher, Delmar Elementary, 13.8 years

Biazzio Giordano Jr., Welding instructor, Parkside High Department of Career & Technology Education, 35.5 years (22.5 in Wicomico)

Linda D. Glagola, instructional assistant III – Special Education, Pinehurst Elementary, 11.6 years

Bruce N. Glover, Special Education teacher, Salisbury Middle, 22 years (10 in Wicomico)

Debora “Dee” Gordy, custodian II, Northgate Office, 8.5 years

Darby A. Gore, Special Education teacher, Glen Avenue Elementary, 20 years

Sandra A. Gray, instructional assistant II – Special Education, Pinehurst Elementary, 7.9 years

Gary. C. Green, Accounting Manager, Business Support Services, 17.8 years

Leslie B. Hammell, Food Service Manager III, Wicomico High, 28.8 years

Dr. Margo T. Handy, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for Wicomico Schools, 38 years (23 in Wicomico)

Mary “Molly” Hayward, executive office associate I, Administration, 32 years

Georgia A. Hearne, administrative office associate I, Instruction, 33 years

Lonna R. Hudson, Grade 1 teacher, Northwestern Elementary, 10.3 years

Kathy L. Huegel, Art teacher, Wicomico High, 23.5 years

Alice A. Jones, custodian II, Beaver Run Elementary, 23.4 years

Jane P. Kitzrow, Special Education teacher, Fruitland Intermediate, 28.6 years (27 in Wicomico)

Trudi B. Kulynycz, school nurse, Fruitland Primary, 20.1 years

Dr. Mary C. Larson, school psychologist, Choices Academy, 22 years (10 in Wicomico)

Terri L. Maddox, custodian I, Salisbury Middle, 10 years

Lawrence F. Maher, Building Service Manager III, Wicomico High, 23.1 years

Michele A. Meyers, Special Education Supervisor, Instruction, 34.6 years (13 in Wicomico)

Cheryl M. Minner, instructional assistant III – Special Education, Delmar Elementary, 7.6 years

Arsumus W. Nutter, custodian I, James M. Bennett High, 10.5 years

Launia V. Nutter, instructional assistant II – Special Education, James M. Bennett High, 11 years

Judy A. Parker, Grade 1 teacher, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, 35 years

Andrea L. Redden, Family and Consumer Science teacher, Wicomico Middle, 30.1 years

Richard G. Roman, Biology teacher, Wicomico High, 41.2 years

Nathaniel Sinclair, technology specialist I, Beaver Run Elementary, 23.1 years

Howard K. Snow, band teacher, Salisbury Middle, 39 years (37 in Wicomico)

Patricia A. Stevens, Food Service Manager II, North Salisbury Elementary, 16.3 years

Brenda M. Tatem, administrative assistant, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, 28.9 years

Jeanne M. Underwood, accounting associate IV, Wicomico High, 35.7 years

Dorothy A. Walls, Computer Education teacher, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 19 years

Lois A. Wheeler, administrative office associate, Salisbury Middle, 15.4 years

Vicki J. Whitman, Special Education teacher, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 23.9 years

Claudia J. Young, Special Education teacher, Infants and Toddlers program, 36.4 years (19 in Wicomico)

Jenny C. Zawacki, Grade 3 teacher, Pemberton Elementary, 32.5 years (21 in Wicomico)