Top Finishers in 2nd Race for Wellness & Literacy
Thanks to All the Runners Who Ran in the 2nd Annual Race for Wellness & Literacy, and Congratulations to These Top Finishers
Posted on 04/25/2018

Thank you to all who participated or volunteered in the Wicomico County Public Schools 2nd Annual Race for Literacy at Perdue Stadium on Saturday. This event supported fitness and wellness, and brought together people from throughout the county to donate books to boost literacy in Title I schools. WCPS presented this event in partnership with Wicomico Public Libraries and the Delmarva Shorebirds.

We hope to have even more 5K runners and 1-mile fun run/walk participants at the 3rd annual race in 2019!


Top finishers for the 5,000-meter run:

Boys 12 and under 5,000-meter run: Gary Lewis, 1st, 28:49.9; Stephen Shockley, 2nd, 31:27.2; Dave Smith, 3rd, 49:32.1

Girls 12 and under 5,000-meter run: Riley Cooper, 1st, 27:15.7; Emilia Tuske, 2nd, 27:26.8; Bayleigh Spears, 3rd, 32:26.6

Men 13-19 5,000-meter run: Sam Angelot, 1st, 22:57.4; Mark Angelot, 2nd, 24:52

Men 20-29 5,000-meter run: Joseph Coco, 1st, 26:33.1

Women 20-29 5,000-meter run: Debra Reynolds, 1st, 27:07.2; Courtney Bennett, 2nd, 41:30.8

Men 30-39 5,000-meter run: Gilbert Spears, 1st, 32:28; Chris Truitt, 2nd, 37:19.9

Women 30-39 5,000-meter run: Brittany Wolske, 1st, 25:07.4; Susan Newton, 2nd, 33:01.9; Tonya Lewis, 3rd, 52:21.7

Men 40-49 5,000-meter run: Vince Pavic, 1st, 22:48.2

Women 40-49 5,000-meter run: Carla Owens, 1st, 33:49.2; Monique Workeman, 2nd, 35:57.4; Andrea Marshall, 3rd, 56:41

Men 50-59 5,000-meter run: Goerg Tuske, 1st, 30:46.4; Lance Folke, 2nd, 40:13.

Women 50-59 5,000-meter run: Elizabeth Adams, 1st, 28:06.6; Deborah Emge, 2nd, 29:26; Sheree Douglas-Johnson 3rd, 45:56.6

Men 60-69 5,000-meter run: Richard Wood, 1st, 21:41

Women 60-69 5,000-meter run: Bonnie Twilley, 1st, 47:25.5