Wicomico County Public Schools Becomes New Technology Leader
Wicomico Public Schools Completes "Wireless Everywhere Project," Becomes New Technology Leader
Posted on 07/26/2017

Boasting 11,000 personal computers in its school system, and over 2,000 iPads for students, Wicomico County Public Schools is now the leader when it comes to “technology footprint” on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

“Our focus is to keep moving the needle and keep growing when it comes to introducing technology to students at a young age, and continue to have the latest technology available to them as they make their way through our system and graduate,” said Bob Langan, WCPS Director of Technology.

The school system of 26 schools and academic centers, close to 15,000 students and 3,000 employees just completed its “Wireless Everywhere Project,” which means every classroom in Wicomico Public Schools is now able to support 32 or more wireless laptops for instruction, and online testing at any given time. “Technology enhances instruction. It’s not meant to replace what the teacher does but it is a tool to aid our teachers in helping the student become successful,” said Langan.

One massive undertaking this summer, for Langan and his Technology team, was updating all 11,000 PCs with the Windows 10 operating system. WCPS also purchased 25 new laptop cart systems from a one-time funding source of $385,000 from the Wicomico County Council.  “We’re very appreciative of the County Council’s funding that will boost our laptop cart count substantially, and make access more available to students,” Langan said. 

During this summer break, the team made upgrades to firewalls, data center switching, storage switching, and WAN (Wide-Area Network) links throughout the school system and Central Office.