Wicomico School Leadership Teams Taking Shape for 2015-2016 School Year
Administrative Changes for a Number of Wicomico Schools on July 1
Posted on 06/10/2015

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Fredericksen said administrative leadership teams for Wicomico County Public Schools are taking shape for the 2015-2016 school year, though additional changes are anticipated later this summer.

Administrative changes so far for Wicomico Schools include (effective July 1):

  • Beaver Run Elementary: Kimberly Waters (formerly dean of students at East Salisbury Elementary) becomes Beaver Run’s assistant principal. She replaces Alexan Dargan, who will be assistant principal of Charles H. Chipman Elementary.


  • Charles H. Chipman Elementary: Alexan Dargan (assistant principal at Beaver Run Elementary) becomes Chipman’s assistant principal. She replaces Jennifer Rice, who will be assistant principal at Willards Elementary.


  • Delmar Elementary: Mike Bievenour (assistant principal at Salisbury Middle) becomes a Delmar assistant principal. He replaces Dr. Mark Bowen, who will be an assistant principal at Salisbury Middle.


  • West Salisbury Elementary: Shelly Hall (assistant principal at Westside Intermediate) becomes West Salisbury’s assistant principal. She replaces Tara O’Barsky, who will be an assistant principal at Parkside High with responsibility for Career and Technology Education (CTE), and other duties.


  • Westside Intermediate: Glenda Sinclair (an assistant principal of Wicomico Middle) becomes WIS assistant principal. She replaces Shelly Hall, who will be assistant principal at West Salisbury Elementary.


  • Willards Elementary: Jennifer Rice (assistant principal at Charles H. Chipman Elementary) became Willards assistant principal. She replaces Katrena Bailey, who is retiring.


  • Bennett Middle: Lisa King (literacy coach at Wicomico Middle) becomes a BMS assistant principal. She replaces Ike Humphrey, who is retiring.


  • Wicomico Middle: Bob Purnell (dean of students at Parkside High) becomes a Wicomico Middle assistant principal. He replaces Glenda Sinclair, who will become assistant principal at Westside Intermediate.


  • Parkside High: Tara O’Barsky (assistant principal at West Salisbury Elementary) becomes an assistant principal at Parkside High, with responsibility for Career and Technology Education (CTE), as well as other duties. She replaces Dave Churchman, who is retiring.


Several positions will be filled this summer, including deans of students at East Salisbury Elementary, Salisbury Middle, and Parkside High, and lead teacher for the Evening High School.

The Board and Superintendent have also named Dr. Bonnie Ennis as Supervisor of School Improvement, Accountability and Strategic Planning, effective July 1. She takes over from Linda Stark, who is retiring.